Pickup & Delivery

Pickup & Delivery

Let us pick up and return your vehicle for service

Made Convenient For You

You can say goodbye to the times of working your whole day around getting your car serviced. Thanks to Ford’s Pickup & Delivery, our team handles every part of the process, and you can stay at home, or work. We come to you, pick your Ford up, service your vehicle, and return it to you, so your day remains disruption-free.

You can even quickly schedule an appointment using the FordPass® App. Ford Pickup & Delivery is available for any and all repairs for FordPass Rewards™ members as long as the vehicle is driveable, and the length of the service will vary depending on the circumstances.

If you are a FordPass Rewards™ member, Ford Pickup & Delivery is complimentary, and you can use the FordPass® App to make a quick appointment. Download the FordPass® App today and get ready for plenty of fantastic Ford benefits to follow.

Ford Pick Up & Delivery | Vehicle Service Without the Commute

Here, Owners Mean The World

There are a lot of reasons to love being a Ford owner. Ford Pickup & Delivery is one more. Just tell your dealer when and where you'd like to have your Ford picked up - and they'll come get it, service it at the dealership and return it to you. And the round trip's on us for FordPass® Rewards* members.

A Simple Process

Starting is simple! Customers can call Magic City Ford at 540-345-0911 to schedule an appointment and request an at-home or at-work pickup.

We can even accommodate one way pickup or deliveries. We will notify you when we are on our way and receive vehicle updates from our Service team along the way via phone, text or email. Then your vehicle will be delivered back the same day, or as soon as the service is complete.

Pickup and Delivery services help Magic City provide value and convenience to our customers with the intent of earning and maintaining our high level of trust, inspire loyalty and build lasting relationships.

Schedule Service

Call the main service line at 540-345-0911 and ask for the Service Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions - answered. Call us today!

* Pickup and Delivery service may be limited based on distance from dealership. Subject to availability. Does not include parts or repair charges. A nonoperational vehicle is not eligible and will require a roadside event. Offer is nontransferable. Visit FordPassRewards.com for important program details and terms and conditions.